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The Annual Progress Report

The Annual Progress Report

A Written Evaluation by the Parent

According to the Chapter 12 Rule Compulsory Attendance Exceptions, parents are required to submit an annual report of the child’s progress. One option is to provide a written evaluation by the parent.

A written evaluation by the parent shall include:

  • a description of the child’s progress in each subject area including in the child’s curriculum;
  • representative samples of the child’s work; and
  • representative tests and assignments including grades for courses if grades are given.

While many parents prefer to submit standardized achievement test scores, there may be occasions when a written evaluation is more appropriate. So where and how to begin ….

  • Begin with prayer. It is the end of your school year; thank the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness to you in what has been accomplished for His glory. Ask Him to help you reflect on what your child has learned this school year and express it in written form.
  • Use the goals/objectives you set for each subject area. These can be your own written goals or the learning objectives from the curriculum you use.
  • Some other helpful resources for goals include, What Your ______ Grader Needs to Know D. Hirsch Jr.); What Your Child Needs to Know When(Robin Sampson); and Learning Objectives for Grades K-8(from Hewitt Homeschooling Resources, Hewitthomeschooling.com)
  • Be sure to describe your child’s progress. For example, “James can write a 7 sentence paragraph with a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a closing sentence.” describes more clearly what James can do compared to “James is making progress in writing a paragraph.”
  • Although the Chapter 12 Rule does not specify the length of the report, you should be able to concisely and accurately describe your child’s progress in 1 ½ to 2 typed pages.
  • Include representative samples of your child’s work and representative tests and assignments.These may include copies of a math worksheet, a science test, and a written paragraph, story, or essay. You can also include photos of a project.
  • Consider having someone proofread your written evaluation for clarity as well as spelling and grammar errors.
  • Finally, include a cover letter identifying the school year and your child (name, address, phone number, date of birth, grade level). Send the report to the school certified return receipt requested to insure the school has received your report.

A written evaluation does not have to be difficult nor time consuming. It may be appropriate or even necessary under certain circumstances. May the Lord bless and direct your efforts.

The resources listed above do not constitute an endorsement by Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii. The information is provided to serve homeschool families.

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