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Quarterly Progress Report?

What do I do when a public school official requests a quarterly report for my homeschooled child? Do I need to submit a report to the school?

Now that’s a good question. The simple answer … and the correct answer … is “No.” According to Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 12 Compulsory Attendance Exceptions, Section 8-12-18(b) “The parent shall submit to the principal an annual report of a child’s progress…” In other words, only an annual report is required.

Unfortunately, that has not stopped school officials from asking parents to submit additional reports. How should you respond? Being with familiar with the Chapter 12 Rule is helpful.

Here are some pointers.

  • Pray to the Lord, seeking His guidance on how to respond.
  • Consider sending a letter to the school. Begin with a positive statement, e.g. “Thank you for your concern.” Let’s assume the school is genuinely concerned.
  • Reference Section 8-12-18 which addresses testing and progress reports of homeschooled children.
  • In your letter, request all correspondence be in writing; this is very important for purposes of documentation on what is said and agreed upon.
  • Keep a copy of the letter..
  • Mail your letter “Certified” so you know the letter was delivered to the school. If you mail “Return Receipt Requested” you will get a notice from the Post Office indicating your letter was received.

CHOH recently assisted a homeschooling mom with this very issue. She sent a letter (similar to the one below) and the matter was resolved. God is good!


Dear _______

Thank you for your concern for my child.

According to the Hawaii Administrative Rules Chapter 12 Compulsory Attendance Exceptions 8-12-18 (b) “The parent shall submit to the principal an annual report of a child’s progress…” I will therefore submit my annual progress report at the end of my child’s school year.

If you have any questions, please submit future correspondence in writing to the address below.






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