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Does Homeschooling Work?

Does Homeschooling Work?

Now, that’s a good question!

During the COVID pandemic, many parents made the decision to have their children school-at-home through the DOE online program. Other parents chose to homeschool their children in accordance with the Chapter 12 Rule Compulsory Attendance Exceptions, taking full responsibility for their children’s education.

Recent news stories have indicated that some children in the public school system have been struggling with online learning. The reasons are complex but include the absence of the social emotional connections integral in face-to-face learning.

If you are a first time homeschooling parent under the Chapter 12 homeschool law, you and your family probably had to make numerous adjustments. Perhaps, it was adjusting to being a single income family. Curriculum choices had to be made, lessons had to be planned, and school records had to be kept. Your family needed to find a routine and rhythm for homeschooling with you as the parent-teacher. And oh, yes, laundry, house cleaning, and meal preparation always keeps you busy.

So does homeschooling work? Most definitely, YES.

You know your child better than anyone else. You have, therefore, been able to tailor your child’s education according to his individual abilities, learning styles, needs, and interests. If your child wanted to study airplanes, you were free to do a unit study on airplanes. You were not limited to teach at a certain grade level if your child excelled. Likewise, if your child has been struggling in a particular subject, it was okay to take a break or progress at a slower rate or even change curriculum.

As the parent-teacher, you have been able to provide one-on-one, face-to-face learning in a positive and nurturing environment. You are your child’s best cheerleader and have provided stability and security for your child’s social emotional development. Learning together with your child has enabled you to build strong and lasting family relationships while at the same time limiting exposure to negative influences.

Yes, homeschooling works.