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Standing in Solidarity from Generation to Generation

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Standing in Solidarity from Generation to Generation

It has been said, but let’s say it again!

Thank you to everyone who emailed, sent letters, made phone calls, testified, and sent alerts out to parents and friends regarding the Senate resolutions. The battle against our homeschooling freedoms will continue, but it is good to rejoice and reflect in the recent win.
The homeschool movement is growing in Hawaii and across the country, and it sure is wonderful to see parents as a child’s primary educator becoming normalized. I want to encourage you to stay involved and aware of what is going on in the political process, especially when it comes to our rights regarding how to educate our children.

Teach your children about the political process, educate them as to the why’s of what we do, and get them involved. Parents, do you know a homeschooling mom who has graduated her kids? Is there an auntie in your church who used to homeschool? Talk with them and find out what it was like when they first started homeschooling. We need to be aware of our past to appreciate our present freedoms.

Hawaii is a transient community, made up of locals, military, and those trying to make it work in paradise. Wherever you come from, do get involved and take a stand for the sake of your neighbors, co-op groups, and church ohana. I have often heard it said from travelers that Hawaii is a great place to raise a family, and one reason for that is the way we get behind each other to support and cheer one another on. It is easy for us to think “someone else can do it” or “that’s just not for me.” I encourage you to pray about what you can do to help homeschooling in Hawaii continue to flourish. Maybe you can get involved in the political process, neighborhood board, or organize a rally. Maybe your role to is to show up to your local co-op group prepared and ready to pour into your students. Maybe it’s been on your heart to start a prayer group to pray for Hawaii’s youth. There are a myriad of things to be done, and God knows how He wants to use each and every one of us. But we must be willing.

I recently spoke with a sweet family visiting from Germany and we talked about how it is illegal to homeschool in their country. If you’ve been an HSLDA supporter, you have likely heard about the Romike family who left Germany to seek asylum in the US, so they could homeschool their children. How blessed is our current generation to have had homeschooling rights handed to us on a silver platter? But our state homeschooling laws were hard fought, and the future of homeschooling in Hawaii carries no guarantees. Let’s stay united and vigilant. We must pass on the torch to our children, standing in solidarity from generation to generation.

~~ Melissa Scott