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Welcome to the official website of Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii (CHOH).

These are exciting times to be a homeschooler, whether you are a veteran or just starting out. As you may have noticed by our name we are a forthrightly Christian organization. Each of our Board members subscribes to the Christian statement of faith.

"Hihi Punawelewele" means "spider web" in Hawaiian. This is our little "web" of information, news, and resources for homeschoolers in the islands.

Check out our pages -Homeschooling in the "Aloha" state can work for you too!

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News About Homeschooling:


The CHOH 2015 Conference and Curriculum Fair was held March 13-14, 2015 at Kalihi Union Church Honolulu. It's not too late to order conference recordings! See the Conference page for more information.

Trojan Horse

Government funded school-at-home programs are affecting homeschoolers across the nation, often with dire consequences. This video exposes the reasons for such programs and the ultimate goal of those that promote them. The chaos these programs will cause in the lives of our children may not become evident for generations, but the risk is real. Prepare yourself by ordering a copy of this powerful documentary. Share the video with those you know that are considering this educational alternative.

Expose the Trojan Horse!

Exposing a Trojan Horse video now available. See the trailer(72MB) (or bandwidth friendly 12MB) and order a copy for yourself, your support group, or someone you know contemplating government funded school-at-home.

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